Headstone and a picture of Armada

December 22, 2007

I myself had thought that Armada was a misprint after seeing how many others had spelled her name wrong. But it is correct and here’s the proof. It would be nice to have an update to this.

Armada and tombstone


Memoir of Sir James Dalrymple

December 18, 2007

I just happened on this book for sale at Amazon.com. It was written by Aeneas James George Mackay in 1873 and reprinted by Elibron Classics. It should be a challenging but interesting read.

The wonderful world of Google!

December 5, 2007

I decided to find out just what a “Viscount of Stair” would be and did a Google….

From the Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Dalrymple,_1st_Viscount_Stair


There’s lots more!!!! Google it!

James Dalrymple, (Sr.?)

December 5, 2007

Born around 1589 and died in Jan. 1624/5 in Drummerchie, Barr, Ayrshire, (South Ayrshire), Scotland. He was married @ 1609, spouse’s name unknown for now.

James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair

December 5, 2007

Born May 1619 in Drummurchie, Barr, Ayrshire (South), Scotland and died Nov. 25, 1695 in Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian (City of Edinburgh) and was buried on Dec. 12, 1695 at Saint Giles in Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian (City of Edinburgh). He was married to Margaret Ross on Sep. 21, 1643. He was Viscount of Stair.

Margaret, the Viscountess of Stair, was born about 1623 and died in 1692 in Kirkliston, West-Lothian (City of Edinburgh). Her father was James Ross born about 1593 and was married about 1613, spouse’s name not known yet. She had a previous marriage to Fergus Kennedy. They were married on Jan. 20 1639/40. Kennedy was born @ 1621 and presumably died before her second marriage.


Armada C. Boyer

December 4, 2007

Born April 1, 1849 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married to Ephraim H. Dalrymple, (Jr.) on November 17, 1870. They had 2 sons Clarence and Clyde.

Sir David Dalrymple

December 3, 2007

Born @ 1655 in Drummerchie, Ayrshire, Scotland and died in Dec. 3, 1721 in Scotland. He was married to Janet Rocheid on April 4, 1691. He may also have been married 1683 to another. Janet was born @1670 in Scotland.


For the whole scoop! Unfortunately, Andrew is not mentioned in the story at all from what I’ve seen, this must be where the black sheep jokes start!:-)

Andrew Dalrymple

December 3, 2007

Born in 1684 in Drummerchut, Ayrshire, Scotland. He died on July 13, 1762 in Uxbridge, Mass. Married to Dorothy, b. 1686 in Belfast, d. 1752 in Uxbridge, Mass. They had 7 children: David, 1709 in Belfast, Sarah, 1711 in Belfast, Barbary, 1713 in Uxbridge, Mass., Mary, 1719, in Uxbridge., John, 1722 in Uxbridge, Capt. Andrew, 1723 in Uxbridge, and Polly, 1725 in Worcester County, Mass. (Uxbridge?)

David Dalrymple

December 3, 2007

Born 1709 in Belfast, Ireland and died in 1807 in Colrain, Hampshire (Franklin) County, Mass. he was married to Susanna Ellison on December 20, 1750 in Uxbridge, Mass. They had 11 children: Andrew, 25 Mar. 1746, William, 4 Jun. 1751, John Shepard, 16 Nov. 1752, Susannah, 27 Sep. 1754, Dorothy, 25 May, 1759, David 12 Mar. 1762, Hannah, 10 Jan. 1764, Edward, 22 May, 1767, Mark, 29 Dec. 1769, Hercules, 3 Oct. 1771, and Luke, 6 Jun. 1773.

William Dalrymple

December 3, 2007

Born June 4, 1751 in Worcester County, Massachusetts. He was apparently married twice. First to Mary Straight, Dec. 24, 1770, and they had 7 children: Prudence, 23 Mar 1772, Barbary, 21 Feb. 1774, Mary, 30,Apr. 1776, Anna, 16 Jun. 1778, Susannah, 2 Sep. 1780, John, 17 Jun, 1782, and apparently a still born on 23 Jan. 1785. Records show Mary dying on this day also.

Second marriage was to Mary (Polly) Fairbanks Stacy on Nov. 13, 1787 in Colrain, Colrain Leyden Township, Hampshire Co.,(Franklin Co), Colony of Massachusetts. They had 4 children: William, 6 Jun. 1788, Lydia, 4 Jul. 1790, Ephraim, 26 Jun. 1792 and Corning, 11 Sep. 1796.

Anther record shows him having a 3rd marriage in between the other 2 but no children and she was Sarah Boyden and they were married on May 28, 1778 in Middlesex, Mass.